The world in 2023 continued to evolve in new, exciting, and sometimes daunting ways. Rehmann faced many of the same issues most organizations did — meeting client expectations, the changing needs of employees, how to leverage new technology, and more. While change can be difficult, it presented an opportunity to look at things differently and find innovative ways to empower the purpose of those we work with.

Expectations from clients continue to rise. According to Salesforce, 80% of customers consider the experience a company provides just as important as its products and services. Offering an exceptional client experience can be many things, including making it easy for clients to work with you, introducing ideas and solutions, being a collaborative partner, and providing a seamless digital experience. At Rehmann, we strive to be trusted advisors to our clients by understanding their needs, helping them address their challenges, and finding ways they can achieve their goals. To support a great experience, in 2023 we launched a new website, added a client experience site, and introduced an e-billing platform so that all the resources our clients need are right at their fingertips. Consistently providing outstanding client support requires ongoing adaptability to meet changing needs. Read more